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About Coffee

What is Coffee?

Coffee is much more than just a super drink that wakes you up and enables you to function well throughout the day! So what exactly is Coffee? Is it that weird soluble powder that comes in a jar as instant coffee? NO!

Coffee is a Fruit!

Well coffee is many things, at different times! To begin with, Coffee is a plant, which produces a fruit called, you guessed it, Coffee! That fruit looks very much like a Cherry, and is in fact called a coffee cherry! Once that cherry is bright red and ripe, it is picked manually and is sent further for processing! What is processing now? Well quite simply processing is the process of removing the seed from the Cherry! To know more about Processing, check out our blog! Once that seed is removed from the Cherry, that green seed is what is called “Green Coffee” which is sorted for defects, graded, bagged in hermetic grain bags and then romantic looking jute bags and shipped off to us - Coffee Roasters!

The green coffee seeds are then carefully roasted by us to set profiles to make sure we make that coffee (green coffee) taste as good as it can. Our approach to roasting relies a lot on what that coffee wants to be and how it wants to taste best! That roasted “Coffee Bean” is then bagged (sometimes ground) and sent to you, the consumer to brew a delicious cup of “Coffee”

Speciality Coffee

Coffee is actually a traded commodity, and the prices that the farmers get paid are dictated by the NYSE, and because of the way coffee has been traded the focus has historically been on quantity rather than quality! Over the last couple of decades that has changed to an extent. Coffee is scored on a scale of 100 by professional tasters who are called Q Graders. As per the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) any coffee that scores above 80 on the scale is considered speciality coffee! A high scoring coffee is a result of high quality, precision, attention, passion, love and transparency at every step of the coffee chain which is the Planter, Roaster, Brewer and the consumer.

At Bloom Coffee Roasters, Speciality Coffee is for Everyone - Behind and beyond the cup score

What do we mean by “Speciality Coffee is for Everyone”

Speciality coffee as a concept can sometimes seem unapproachable and intimidating with the scientific jargon that can be overwhelming at the entry level. Speciality coffee, for us, needs to go beyond just the cup scores. Greater involvement and interactions in the coffee sourcing, coffee roasting, and brewing. Have honest and open conversations with and use them as a sounding board for experimental coffees.

Speciality coffee for the planter: Build lasting and sustainable relationships, help them improve their coffee quality, crop output as well as their profitability, put a greater spotlight on the planters to raise their image and popularity, work with smaller planters who can truly benefit from higher prices.

Speciality coffee for the cafe: Providing high quality coffee (of a profile that fits best with the menu, vision, and customer profile), training, support and sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Speciality coffee for the Barista and staff: Coffee Education and training, raising their profiles as a barista, increasing their salaries and earning opportunities.

Speciality coffee for the coffee drinkers: Making specialty coffee seem approachable, fun, while being delicious, sustainable and transparent. Making it easier and cheaper for customers to make better coffee at home, creating greater awareness about taste profile in a non attacking manner.

Speciality coffee for the speciality coffee connoisseurs: Bring delicious and experimental coffees, experimental roast profiles, in the effort to create unique experiences in coffee tastes.