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One of the most popular brewing devices across the speciality coffee lovers, the Aerobie AeroPress is a versatile brewer that can make a really delicious cup of coffee! There are innumerable recipes and ways of making an aeropress, we’ve heard of families fighting over what they think is the right way of making one!

Here’s how we at BCR do it:

Method: Inverted

Recipe: 20 Grams coffee to 200 grams of water (1:10)

Grind size: medium fine

Step 1: Measure out the coffee and put the water on boil

Step 2: Assemble you AeroPress

Step 3: Put the filter paper in the cap and rinse it with hot water

Step 4: Put 20 grams on coffee into the AeroPress

Step 5: Pour 60 ml of hot water into the AeroPress, stir and wait 30 seconds

Step 6: Pour the remaining 140 ml of hot water into the AeroPress

Step 7: Fasten the cap onto the chamber (Make sure it’s tightly sealed, really!)

This is where it gets a bit tricky!!

Step 8: Invert the AeroPress onto the carafe/tumbler

Step 9: Plunge slowly, till there’s no water left in the AeroPress

Step 10: Uninvert the AeroPress, remove the cap, and push the puck out

Step 11: Take a picture of the perfect puck, post it on instagram and tag us @Bloomcoffeeroastersindia

Step 12: Enjoy your coffee

Want to try more recipes? Check out the winning recipes of the official World AeroPress Championship:

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