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Channi Brewer


Still drinking instant coffee? Want better coffee without buying the cool brewers that make you hip? Here’s an easy way to join the speciality coffee brigade, with no equipment apart from what you have at home!

Step 1: Put 2 tablespoons (approximately 16 Grams) of coarsely ground coffee

Step 2: Pour in 1 cup (250 Ml) of hot water

Step 3: Stir

Step 4: Wait 4-5 minutes (Depending on how strong you like it)

Step 5: Pour it out with a Chhanni (strainer) into the cup

Step 6: Add milk and sugar to taste (Optional)

Step 7: Stir again..

Step 8: Enjoy your coffee

Step 9: Smile

Find it too light? Increase the brew time or the amount of coffee

Find it too strong? Do the opposite!!

Choose french press as the grind option if you plan to brew this way!

Speciality Coffee is for everyone!

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