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Harley Estate - Sakleshpur

Harley Estate, Sakleshpur

Located in the pristine rolling hills of the Manjarabad region in Sakleshpur, the Harley Estate was a British plantation that has been growing coffee since 1860’s. Now run by Mr. DM Purnesh (4th generation) and his daughters Chandini and Tapaswini, they produce some of the finest speciality coffees in the country. The plantation that’s spread across 500 acres grows both arabica and robusta, amidst the shade of silver oak, fig and jackfruit trees. The coffee plants share the space with Areca nut, cardamom, pepper and cocoa etc. Natural spring water from within the estate is used for the washing and processing of coffee cherries.

Mr. Purnesh and his team have been doing extensive research and experiments in growing as well as processing to constantly keep pushing the boundaries of making their coffees taste better every year. They use top of the line machinery to ensure excellent quality, with least use of natural resources. Their experiments with coffee fermentation using yeast, and other inoculations have produced some of most delicious coffee that we have tasted in the past couple of years and when we visited them in December 2020 their immaculate farming practices and their passion for their crop really showed why their coffees have been so incredible. We are extremely grateful and excited to have them on board as our partners in coffee and we can’t wait for you all to try these stunning coffees!

Ms. Tapaswini Purnesh, Mr. D.M. Purnesh, & Chandini Purnesh


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