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Hunsekai Hosalli Estate

Hunsekai Hosalli Estate- Coorg

Located close to the parklands of North eastern Coorg, Hunsekai Hossalli is about a scenic half hour drive away from the town of Somwarpet.Situated at an average altitude of 3300ft A.S.L, the estate has an ideal climate for growing good relatively dense arabica; a fact that Roshan, the third generation custodian of this land will very passionately highlight.What Roshan lacks in age he more than makes up for in enthusiasm and work ethic. He makes sure to do daily rounds of all the blocks, to check if everything is as it should be. Some of these blocks of the estate abound in old jungle trees like red silk cotton, jackfruit , crocodile bark murdah and a few ficus species. Roshan will tell you that all this makes for a pretty unique microclimate within the blocks and supports a lot of local biodiversity. Roshan is also an avid beekeeper and cares a lot for the land that he is responsible for. His first attempt at speciality will hopefully pave a path for him to keep being kind to the land and reap a reward for it!

Roshan Diwaker

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