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Laks Farms - Pulney Coffee

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Laks Farm - Pulney Hills

The Laks Farm in the Pachalur Village high in the Pulney Hills of Tamil Nadu is committed to producing coffees of the highest quality using organic and sustainable farming techniques. A certified organic farm, they do not use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides, which gives this farm a truly bio-diverse ecosystem. 

Located in one of the highest coffee growing regions of the country, their coffees tend to be super complex and have a long, lingering aftertaste. The coffees are intercropped with oranges, bananas, cardamom, and pepper. Mr. Iyer from is without question one of the nicest people we have encountered in coffee, and his coffees most definitely reflect his earnestness and passion.

We were introduced to their coffees by our friend, Viggnesh who has also helped with the processing of some of the lots and we can't be thankful enough to him for both the introduction and the work he's put in to make these coffees so good.

We are so glad to be part of this team that's doing some amazing work to make coffee tastier, and more sustainable, and we are definitely looking forward to what

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