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Moganad Estate


Moganad Estate is part of MSP Coffee From Yercaud (Tamil Nadu) which was started in the 1920’s by Mr. MSP Senthikumar Nadar, and then was expanded by his elder son Mr. MSP Rajes to cover an area of around 3000 acres. They are a UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified estate that grows high elevation Arabicas and Robustas. Their coffees are grown under a canopy of exotic fruit trees and spices like durians, vanilla, pepper, and are then handpicked and hand garbled to ensure that only the best and most delicious coffees reach us. The coffees are processed using modern and scientific methods, and are data logged to ensure repeat-ability. They take great pride in making their estate sustainable not just for the environment but also for the workers who work for them. They have provided free housing and healthcare to all their permanent staff, and comfortable living conditions for them. The estate is currently run by the fourth and fifth generation under the management of Mr. Mohan Rajes, and his sons Navin, Ashok, and Kamalesh.

Mohan Rajes