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Ratnagiri Estate

Ratnagiri Estate

Ratnagiri Estate, Baba Budan Giri

Few people have been as influential to the tremendous improvement and global rise of Indian Coffee than Ratnagiri Estate's Mr. Ashok Patre. Through years of research and experimentation he has developed some incredible unique processing and farming techniques that have taken his coffees to the next level! Coffees from the Ratnagiri Estate have bene sought after by roasters from across the world and specially over the last two years, some of the best coffees we have had across Indian roasters, has come from Mr. Patre's pearly fields.

Ratnagiri literally means "Pearl Mountains", which is derived from the dense silver oaks that over the plantation and create an almost silver hue. That said, we're pretty sure they don't shine as bright as the coffees that grow under their shade. Mr Patre employs the most advanced machinery and techniques that include a new ECO pulper, stainless steel tanks instead of concrete vats, their own state of the art dry mill, and green coffees packed in impeccable vacuum sealed grain-pro bags!

We are super fortunate to have the opportunity to give our expression to Mr. Patre's incredible coffees and we hope we can do justice to the years and years of research and effort that he has put it to make his coffees taste so freaking good!

Mr ashok patre ratnagiri estateMr. Ashok Patre

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