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Salawara Estate

Salawara Estate

Salawara Estate - Chikmaglur

The Salawara Estate is one first estates that we partnered with. Spread across 400 acres in the fabled hills of Chikmagalur, the Salawara estate was started in 1880, and produces some delicious Arabicas and Robustas that have won various awards in India and abroad. They have recently forayed with much greater vigour into speciality coffee and their efforts and dedication has taken their coffees to new levels of flavour and yumminess. Run by the father son duo of Mr. Gowda and Sharan Gowda, they share our commitment of taking Indian coffee to greater heights by using amazing new processes and also a great focus on how the coffee is grown at their estate! The estate is dotted with exotic herbs and spices that are grown alongside the coffee! Check out their coffees here

Mr. Gowda and Sharan Gowda

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