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Meera - Medium Light Roast

Rs. 1,700.00 Rs. 2,120.00
Unit price  per 

Meera - Medium Light Roast

Rs. 1,700.00 Rs. 2,120.00
Unit price  per 

Estates: Venkids Valley Estate & Krishnagiri Estate

Region: Coorg & Chikmagalur

Elevation: 1100 - 1600 MASL

Varietal: SLN6, Chandragiri

Processing: Washed & Naturals

Roast: Medium Light

Tasting notes: Caramel, Bakers Chocolate, Berries and Vanilla

Meera - A fearless espresso blend that breaks the conventions of what an espresso blend should be! Meera is our Medium-light roast espresso blend with notes of strawberries, baker’s chocolate, vanilla and decadent caramel. This is our tribute to one of India's most celebrated mystic poets, Meera Bai. 

Meera features two incredible coffees, our staple washed arabica from Coorg’s favourite plantation, the Venkids Valley Estate, and a stunning “Natural Naturals“ from the Krishnagiri Estate, located in some of the highest elevations of Chikmagalur. What do we get when we blend a clean bright washed and a super sweet, jammy Natural Naturals? A yummy, sweet, super complex, rich espresso, which holds its own in milk beverages as well!

It’s fair to say that this blend has had a pretty long development phase, but you know that we don’t take our blends lightly, and launch them only when we’re really happy with it, and right now we’re delighted with this and are finally ready to introduce you to “Meera”.

Recommended recipe:

Dose: Being a lighter roast, we would recommend dosing one-half a gram lesser than what you would dose for a medium/medium dark roast coffee

Grind Size: Grind a step or two finer than what you would normally for a medium roast

Yield: We recommend a yield of 2.5 times the dose of the dry coffee. For eg: Dose: 20 grams; Yield: 50 grams

Time: The lighter the roast, the more you need to extract to get good sweetness and complexity. We like shots between 28-33 seconds for a straight 9-bar approach for Meera. If you can pressure profile, we like to start with a 5-second pre-infusion at 2 bars, and then ramp up to 8 bars till we hit the desired yield, which usually takes around 45-50 seconds.

PUCK PREP: We can't over-emphasise how important the puck prep is for a coffee like this. Make sure, you dose correctly and evenly, WDT is highly recommended here, tamp as evenly as you can and clean around the edges of the portafilter. This will minimise channelling and give you a more even extraction.