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Our Farms


All our coffee is purchased directly from the farmers, to ensure the best and freshest coffee for you. In a world where we rarely know where our food products come from, we want to highlight and bring to the forefront where the coffee you drink is coming from. Coffee Traceability not only makes our entire supply chain as transparent as it can be, but also enables us to shine some spotlight on our great planters. We are fortunate to work with some wonderful estates that are run by passionate, and humane people who care not just about the profits but also about the coffees they produce, and the legions of workers who spend their lives growing, picking, sorting and processing these beans before the reach us. They also ensure that their coffee is grown and processed in the most sustainable ways, without adversely effecting the nature around it. We want to bring to the front these great men and women who work year in year out to make sure that these precious beans taste awesome! We respect these planters and make sure they are paid fair prices, and are dealt with the same honesty and consideration that they put in the coffees they produce.

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